Style Sheet Media

Selecting the media type

Style sheets have provision to specify different style information for different viewing devices. This can be done in several ways :
  • By specifying the supported devices in the HTML document which links to the style sheet. See the external files section for more information.
  • By listing the supported devices after a corresponding @import statement, but before its semi colon
    e.g. @import "sheet.css" print;
  • By placing the device specific style information in the curly braces of a @media supported devices{ } command in the STYLE section of a document, where supported devices is a list as described below.

Supported Media

The following is a list of media supported for CSS2. The value that you specify is a comma seperated list of the below values, where the names are case sensitive...
screenCommon web browsers
ttyfixed-pitch character devices : teletypes, other text only displays
tvdevices with low resolution, color, limited scrollability
projection projectors.
handheld handheld devices (small screen, monochrome,etc).
print where documents are split into pages.
braille braille tactile feedback devices.
aural text-to-speech aids
all all devices.
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